My Journey

Let's spread some Awareness to avoid this hard situation in life.

Sep 24th 2019 I was diagnosed with a invasive ductal carcinoma (IDC), sometimes called infiltrating ductal carcinoma, is the most common type of breast cancer. About 80% of all breast cancers are invasive ductal carcinomas. 

What a scary diagnosis for a 40 years old woman, single mom, immigrant with thousands of plans in my mind. It started last week of August. I was getting ready to go playing 🎳 when suddenly I scratched my chest with my left hand, and I felt with my fingertips a little mass very close to my chest in my left breast, “very hard” in my opinion with a 1 cm of diameter or so. I I thought it could be cancer?! What is this? Why it is so hard? I just touched many times to try to know if it was just some air in my breast due my silicone implants I got in 2006. 

I never imagined that something was wrong. Oct 30th 2019 I had a mastectomy in my left breast. My nipple was preserved due the tumor was far away from it. My surgery was supposed to be 2 hours the most, but it took 4 hours. Big surprise another tumor was in my sentinel node. It was 7mm already. My surgeon decided to removed 13 lymph nodes in my left arm. My arm is in constantIy discomfort. I cannot get a blood test, my blood pressure be taken, or even heavy lifting for the rest of my life with my arm. I called it “my silly arm”

I was not supposed to have radiotherapy or chemotherapy, but the scenario changed completely because of it. It went from stage 2 to 3. 

In Dec 2019 I got the result of my #Mammaprint (71 cells of the tissue are taken for 14 days to see their behavior) the result was 10% recurrence in 10 years. I did not need chemo, but I was induced to an early menopause in Jan 2020. At the beginning was fine, but 6 months later the hot flashes make me feel miserable sometimes. I need a shot every month in my belly. The nurse pinches me with a small blade to put a plaque that melts in 28 days. I took #exemestane for 6 months, and suddenly my #joints started to hurt so much. Mostly my hands and my arms. Open a door for 3 weeks or so was very difficult. My feet, and knees were in pain. I still have some pain in my right arm that is very light. I hope not to develop arthritis in a future. I rested from my medication for 2 weeks. I hope not to get bad side effects from the new one.

This condition is a puzzle! 💕 I got 30 radiation sessions (JAN-MAR) that at the beginning looked very easy, but after 8 weeks of traveling to the hospital MON – FRI I almost got crazy. It looks I developed cancer due my estrogen was too high. I don’t have Cancer family history, but Cancer has been around my life since a while. One of my good friends from High School passed away from Breast Cancer. She was 36. My daughter’s uncle (Father related) Colon Cancer. He was 37, and a week after I got my mastectomy my bf’s brother died. Colon Cancer. He was 45.

Many highs and downs in every single aspect in life! I did not see my daughter (11) since March 13. The day the schools were closed. Until September 4th. Thanks God I could get a place to flight to Colombia on a Humanitarian Flight through the Colombian Embassy in Miami, FL. She was supposed to spend spring break in #Colombia as usual, but the borders were close for more than six months. I missed her, but at the same time I am glad she did not see me for a while. When she left I was exhausted, I was not doing good! I was not giving her quality time. She was with with my mom all that time. It has been very good for me to stay at my mom's all these days.
Paola Perez

July 17th l got my “final” reconstruction of my left breast. A surgery that had to be push in the middle of the #pandemic to help me to get a better #qualitylife. My #spander got my skin pink, and I was in so much pain every single day. The regular process is to wait 3 months after the radiation is over to replace this UNCOMFORTABLE temporal reconstruction. I waited for 4 months, but they were the longest months to get something I really needed in my life. I am recovering right now from that surgery. I have discomfort, but nothing like the pain, and anguish I was having in the past 4 – 5 weeks. 

This journey has not been easy! Struggle your mind, your soul, your body, your life all you… but I know I will get better and better every day! My bf helped me so much! The rest of my life I am going to be thank with him for all his help. I don’t know what God has planned for Us, but for sure I will have a connection with him forever. ☺️

Cancer mess up lives, souls, bodies, but one of the worst parts is the financial matters. I’ve spent more than 15k already in less than a year. When I knew about my condition. I just had bought my place (Jun 2019) I lost my job in July 2019, and I was diagnosed in Sep 2019. I started to work again in Jan 2020 (part-time). I am Thank God for my job. I work at home, and I love my job.

#selfcare is important. Check your breast and every little change you get ask your Doctor. I never paid attention to it. Fortunately I saw the nodule by accident before were too late to not to be in a worst situation right now. I am Graphic Designer and I want to produce more designs to be printed on different merchandising. I would like to give 10% of what I get from these t-shirts and some merchandising I created to Cancer Alliance in Palm Beach, FL They helped me to pay my mortgage for 3 months, 3 months electricity plus some groceries gift cards. It helped me a little bit for a little while, but the bills don’t stop. I need to replaced my right silicone implant some day. Honestly I don’t understand why the Plastic Surgeon did not replace it in my last surgery. It really disappointed me! More money to spend in medical bills, I need to take some days off from my job “again” and anesthesia effects. ;-(

Thank you for any help. Many Blessings, and I hope you like my designs. If you have some ideas to get more products just let me know!



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July 12th A week before my “final reconstruction” I was so happy that day. I was in pain, but that day I felt alive… Thank you Matt you gave me the best relief I could get in months!!! 🙂

I love fishing!

Light house point, FL

“I would like to spread the voice about how some situations can be avoid or at least not to be so traumatic!”

March 13th last time I saw my daughter Zara. I Never though it was going to be for so long…

Six long months...

Fort Lauderdale airport, FL